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So it's a been a while now but we'd like to thank everyone who came out to the shows on our short European jaunt. We also need to send a major thanks to Fitz for acting as senior road-dog and Mathieu B for shooting such candid and awesome photographs. The trip was a blast and a great way to round out what will most likely be our last activity this year.

In other news Howlin' Rain has gotta be on tour somewhere at this point so check their website and check 'em out. Utrillo Kushner has put the finishing touches on his new Colossal Yes record due in November and, man, is it killer. It features guestwork on a track with Ben Chasny, Ben Flashman, and Noel V. Harmonson. It is to be entitled “Charlemagne's Big Thaw.” Get ready. Six Organs has a few upcoming dates playing with the Dead C(!) in Seattle and SF, don't miss those if you're around. NVH opens for Chrome(!) mid September in SF and has started a band with Kushner, Chasny, and Flashman called San Francisco's Dirty Stealer. It features Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers, Six Organs) on vocals. Keep your ears peeled because a limited LP will probably come and go before you know it sometime early next year. Check myspace for more info and to hear a practice space jam.


Hope you enjoyed your Summer, we're finally gettin' ours.

Seasons greetings, friends. We'll be rolling out of hibernation for a week of shows in Europe at the end of this month. See the shows section for details.

Comets on Fire website is back! Finally. It's been over a year of maintaining a lazy relationship with battling the forces that be to get this back up and running. Congratulations to us, nice to see you again.

It's true. Comets is taking some time off. We recently had a baby and have also been very busy with our individual work.

Ethan's been busy with Howlin' Rain and preparing to take over the world. Their new record should be released early next year and will certainly break minds and keep the boogie vibe chooglin' on.

Utrillo had a baby. Her name is Triece and she's adorable. Colossal Yes is planning to record a few songs (including a Judee Sill cover!) this winter and just may feature Ben Flashman and NVH in the backing band.

Ben Chasny has a new Six Organs record coming out on November 20 entitled “Shelter From the Ash.” It's another great album featuring guest work from Noel Von Harmonson, Elisa Ambrogio, Tim Green, and Matt Sweeny.

Ben Flashman got married a few months ago. Congratulations to Ben and Elise.

Noel has been performing solo and at various times with San Francisco slayers Rahdunes who also have a new LP out on Emperor Jones. It's a total mindmelter and is available in your local record shop or from www.midheaven.com.

Comets on Fire will play on New Years Eve with the Melvins at Slims. We're quite excited to share a stage with them once again.

We'll try to get up a bunch of new pictures in the following days and maybe even be able to offer some copies from our live cdr series for sale.

A few things you should know about:

The new Comets record is entitled “Avatar” (influenced by http://www.buttholesurfers.com/) and will be out on AUGUST 8 on Subpop. The band will be out on the road playing some shows in late August and September. Dates will be posted shortly.

The SF Weekly recently did a rather large feature on Comets and our various side activities. See http://www.sfweekly.com/Issues/2006-05-31/news/feature.html
And then there was NVH's sidebar: http://www.sfweekly.com/Issues/2006-05-31/news/sidebar.html

Go see Ethan Miller's Howlin' Rain on tour…remaining dates are here www.howlinrain.com

New Six Organs Of Admittance album is called “The Sun Awakens” and is out now on Drag City.

Check the photos section for new pics from the recent recording session.

A few shows next month opening for the Dinosaur Jr. A pair each in SF and LA.
Some UK shows coming up in May including an ATP curated by the mighty Mudhoney. Details posted in the shows section.
The completion of the new record is upon us. It features 7 songs that total just under 50 minutes of material. We're desperately shooting for a release date in the summer. More details posted as they become available.

Basic tracking has been completed at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati. Overdubs and vocals will be recorded at Louder Studios throughout March. Some pictures from the tracking sessions will be posted shortly.

Utrillo Kushner's Colossal Yes just released an album on BaDaBing records called “Acapulco Roughs“. Go to http://midheaven.com/artists/colossal.yes.html for info/ordering. Find Colossal Yes on Myspace somewhere for updates.

There is also a new solo release from knob-burner Noel Von Harmonson entitled “Born On the 4th of July” on Resipiscent Records. Go to www.resipiscent.com and scroll down for info/ordering.

DMBQ/Michelle Cable benefit comps available thru http://aquariusrecords.org/cat/v.html. It's entitled “A Benefit For Our Friends”.

We've finally made a decision. We will begin recording the next record at the end of February 2006 about an hour north of the bay area in a secluded studio with big tape wrangler, Tim Green. The record will be done in one week. Songs and arrangements are still being worked out.
We've donated a vocal-less practice tape version of “Wolf Eyes” to a CDR benefit compilation for DMBQ and Michelle Cable. A studio version will appear on the new record. The comp should be on sale at the benefit show at 12 Galaxies show in SF tomorrow and possibly at the Stork Club in Oakland the following night. We're unable to play these shows but wanted to contribute something.
Looks like we might be heading back to England for an ATP festival in Spring 2006. Hopefully we can visit Ireland and Scotland on this trip as well. This is all totally up in the air right now, thank you.
Some of us were lucky enough to collaborate on some jammers with New York's Growing when they were in town a few months back. I'm sure some portion of those sessions will see the light of day eventually. Naturally, it's not easy mixing.

Arthurfest was incredible. Thanks to all of the Arthur crew for inventing the best weekend ever. Can't wait for next time.
Besides Arthur there is no news. No shows. No releases…just hiding out in the studio writing.
More later.

While we were gearing up for an intense weekend at Arthurfest, Sonic Youth requested our presence in San Diego on Friday, Sep 2 as a warm up…and so it shall be. The show is at the illlustrious House of Blues.

NVH/CHASNY “Plays the Book of Revelations” c20 is available for $5. This black tape is a collaboration between guitar strangler Ben Chasny and knob smasher Noel Von Harmonson. Two 10 minute pieces of scorching feedback and towering noise, like Dukowski said,”What the fuck? Fuck shit up.” Hand screened black on black covers, printed in the gnarnia room. Email FOLDING CASSETTES direct at foldingcassettes@gmail.com to order.
There are a few tour photos in the tour diary section. Looks like this diary is going to emerge as a kind of photo essay more than anything else. Alas, these things take time.
np: Bill Fay “Time of the Last Persecution”

At this moment, we hesitate to extend our tour to Australia, in response to the call of GEM


Comets On Fire will be playing day 2 (SEP 5th) of Arthur Fest in Los Angeles. Please look at www.arthurmag.com for the incredible lineup, info, and a peek at the Arik Roper poster made for the festival.
The Yik Yak site is up and has some limited Comets stuff for sale. Check it out at www.yikyak.net. Also the new NVH/CHASNY “Plays the Book of Revelations” c20 cassette which was available for most of the tour is available direct from the Folding Cassettes label thru www.dialrecords.com however you best be patient while we try to figure out what's wrong with their site.

Summer tour was an intense and wonderful time. Thank you to everyone involved. Updates and photos will emerge over the next week or so as we get everything back in order. More soon.

Looks like we will be jamming at WFMU on 6.24….hope to see all of you NYC heads at the Bowery Ballroom the night before. We will have on hand a new Comets/Burning Star Core tour cdr, arik roper tour posters, some messed up new shirts, and some super limited cassette stuff on the merch table…check it out. See you soon….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Tour poster in the shows section. A few updates to the shows…BBQ daytime show in Denver and psyched to announce that MICHAEL YONKERS has joined up for the Minneapolis gig. More soon. Also hold a date for Labor Day weekend as Arthur Magazine is in the planning stages for a mysterious weekend festival on 9/4-9/5 somewhere in the Los Angeles area….all that is known thus far is that it will be a guaranteed monumental event.

Some live footage of our last show from the WOLF EYES and SMEGMA tour is posted here: http://liveeyetv.org. Check out their product.
This is from Chop Suey in Seattle from several months ago…the song title they've put on is wrong but it's probably our fault because we rarely write set lists and after the show they were like, “What was the fourth song you played?” and I'm sure we couldn't remember and told them something wrong.

GROWING is with us from Columbus thru Nashville. Not all but most of the other slots have been updated as well.

Six Organs website has been updated with a guest cookbook section. You can check it out here: Six Organs of Admittance


We're currently working on a limited tour CDR that features another extended improvised song from the Burning Star Core sessions. Its about twenty minutes long and mixes up the line up a bit: Ethan Miller plays bass instead of guitar, Robert Beatty and NVH go head to head on electronics, meanwhile Utrillo Kushner and Spencer Yeh meet up on percussion while Spencer keeps the howl going with vocals and electronics as well. This song doesn't appear on the LP's bonus and will have different artwork. This release comes to us via assistance from the YikYak label who will have a small amount of these available from its website. Don't go there now because I don't believe the site exists yet…will post a link here when it does.

It is the opinion of this writer that OM did some irreversible rearranging of the forces of the universe at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday…if you were there then you know what I mean.

The mighty GROWING will be along with us probably from Chicago thru Nashville. We're meeting up with all kinds of great folks on this trip. Needless to say, we are very excited and honored. More details soon.

There will be no shows before the tour begins as we are trying to work out as much new material as possible. We'll be seeing you soon enough.


Last may comets on fire wrangled burning star core c. spencer yeh and rob “electronics” beatty (hair police) into their practice space to melt each other's minds. a few sparks were chugged and out came these two ferocious sides of vinyl. side I is delivered via face-blown hawkwind street gang while side II combines disgusting white blues/funk with shattered haino-shriner sadness. wail and choke. hand screened sleeves, limited to the first Luckia 1000 copies.

For the latest newsn check out the official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/comets_on_fire



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